HANSON: Listener’s Choice Weekend

By | September 30, 2021

Tomorrow our sixth consecutive single, ONE, releases. It’s a song unlike anything we’ve released so far, check it out wherever music is sold or streamed and don’t miss it Live from Cains Ballroom.

The voting is complete, and the time is upon us for another weekend full of music live streaming from Tulsa out to the world.

We loved seeing all of your picks over the last month, but it will be even better to turn them into a set-list and play them live. In addition to this weekend’s two concerts, Friday also marks the release of our sixth song (One) from the Against The World project. Like so many of the previous songs, it has a sound all its own and a message we hope you will connect with and inspire you for years to come.

Hanson.net members be sure to tune in on Sunday evening as we bring this four month concert series to a close with a members only nightcap stream. We’re looking forward to taking questions and sharing new info about HANSON Day 2022.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Join Hanson for their monthly concert series featuring brand new music from their 2021 release Against The World, PLUS unique set lists each night featuring a selection of their favorite songs from one of their six previous studio albums.

Tickets available now for both in-person and streaming! Click here for more information.

OCTOBER 1 – 2 – Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom

October shows are Listener’s Choice so be sure to vote daily on Twitter for your favorite songs!

Member Exclusive: We are pleased to announce the dates for HANSON Day 2022 in Tulsa. The full event schedule will be coming soon, but if you’re planning to come mark May 12th -14th on your calendar.

Member Exclusive: HNet Explorer has been a very bright spot in the Hanson.net community this past year, but a very welcome one. We have loved seeing members from all over the globe enjoying the fun, and sharing their insights coaching fans through the obscure clues so everyone can add new Pins to their collection. We hope you are ready to play again, because we are going to be playing every week in October!

If you’re a Hanson.net member, RSVP in the calender section to let us know you plan to play.

Member Exclusive: Join HANSON Sunday October 3rd for a Members Only Nightcap. Celebrate the release of ONE and the completion of the ATW + concert series.


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