By | August 1, 2020

This week we’re missing the Island, but looking ahead to streams, online performances and podcasts. See you online.

We were sad to announce today that Back To The Island 2021 is being delayed. It is a big bummer to postpone yet another event, but things are not all bad and we have a lot we are excited to share over the next few weeks and months.

  • Hanson.net 20thEvery week in August starting this Monday, we will be sharing new videos in our Hanson.net 20th series celebrating 20 years of Hanson.net music
  • Live Streaming Tour! On September 1st we will be sharing all the details for our first Live Streaming tour for 2020 and its not to be missed
  • HTP returns! Starting September. The HANSON Time Podcast will be returning with all new episodes and new performances so mark you calendar

This last month of playing HNet Explorer with all of you has been a wonderful example of how even when we are apart, we can find ways to come together, and we want to keep that feeling going. We have a very full schedule planned for the rest of 2020 so if you are in need of more HANSON rest assured this is only the beginning. More music, more games, new streams, new episodes, and a whole lot more fun is coming.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Back To The Island 2021 is being postponed to 6-10 January 2022, but HOLD ON… we’re still going to Paradise!

All over the world, we are experiencing a new normal, one that unfortunately for us all includes a lot less gathering together and the need to think differently about health and safety. Over the past weeks we have had to evaluate the continually changing climate around COVID 19 including new standards on travel into Jamaica, policies on social distancing and all the factors that ensure we can host a great and SAFE event for you. Though we have hoped to be able to retain our plans for the coming BTTI 2021 event, the new factors have brought us to conclude that unfortunately Back To The Island 2021 must be postponed. Yes we know, this feels like one more blow in an increasingly uncertain world, BUT the good news is … that we have good news! As artists and event organizers, we want to be good stewards of our guests and put our focus on what we CAN look forward to, so we are looking to 2022 and we hope you will join us.

For more details, CLICK HERE.


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