HANSON: Great Conversation To Come

By | August 14, 2020

With many months of no concerts we are more appreciative of the chance to play live than EVER before. Here’s a snap from backstage as we prepared to perform the first public String Theory concert in Columbus Ohio back in 2018, was anyone there with us?


It is amazing how quickly time flies when you’re working on things your excited about, which is why we keep asking where did this week go? Behind the scenes, thousands of Continental Breakfast EP’s have been shipping out to Hanson.net members all over the planet, while we have been doing location walkthroughs and video production meetings planning to add some beautiful visuals to your listening experience. Despite unconfirmed reports that Zac and Trogdor The Burninator have been terrorizing the Oklahoma country side, every day we inch closer to the announcement of our first streaming tour of 2020 on September 1st. We know the only way to fix 2020 is to bring back live music, so we’re planning to do our part and we hope all of you will join us! On the topic of things we can all enjoy now, we are continuing to share new videos every week in our 20th video series celebrating 20 years of Hanson.net. Look for new videos on Monday and Friday every week in August. We’re looking forward to all the great conversation that will come when the HANSON Time Podcast returns in September, but until then be safe, and thanks for listening.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Member Exclusive: The 2020 Members EP, Continental Breakfast In Bed, is now shipping for those members who have joined/renewed in 2020!


Member Exclusive: During the month of August, members can watch HNet 20th Anniversary videos twice a week all month! Check out the blog for the first three entries in the series.

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