HANSON: Message From The Band

By | June 5, 2020


This last week has rocked us to the core as we grapple with the tragic death of George Floyd, and the violence sweeping our country. We have stood in disbelief at the sound of hateful slurs and the sight of painful conflict, while finding solace in the peaceful marches and the heartfelt expressions of empathy and compassion.

We heard many express fear and hurt at the misuse of force by police, and we believe our officers should be held to the highest code of conduct – to ‘protect and serve’. We are inspired by the courageous actions of those seeking to challenge the status quo. We denounce all forms of racism and any actions which prevent us from achieving our highest ideals, that all are created equal.

As artists, we have always believed that our primary role is to make a better world through the messages in our music – light, love, hope, and respect for all people.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac

One thought on “HANSON: Message From The Band

  1. Jo McKenzie

    Thank you for your wonderful message! It has been so painful to watch these events unfolding from here in New Zealand and to think of the agony you must all be experiencing as Americans. We know this is not who you are. We know you are as deeply saddened at the systemic racism that still exists in our societies as we are and your music speaks love and human kindness. We are lucky to have a better history here in NZ but it is still not perfect and there are still underlying issues that urgently need to improve so every child has an equal chance for happiness and wellbeing in their life. It is so important to speak out and be part of the conversation so I am so glad to hear from you. Please stay strong and know that we believe in you! Arohanui to you all and to your whanau ( including Rebecca) from Jo. (Waiheke New Zealand)


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