HANSON: The Calm Before The Storm

By | February 8, 2019


As we prepare to head to Europe for the coming String Theory shows we are still reflecting on the awesome times at BTTI2019 taking in the tropical escape!


Back To The Island 2019 was amazing! Big thank you to our friends Jacob and Lewis for adding their musical talents to this years festivities. We hope everyone had an amazing time listening to music and playing games and we hope everyone got home safe, even if going home means ice and snow like we are living with in Tulsa today.  BTTI is something we look forward to each year, so even though it hasn’t been announced just yet, you have our permission to day dream about sun and waterfalls and going Back To The Island in 2020.

We are officially in the lull before the storm. In just two days we will board a plane and take the String Theory Tour to the EU and from there to Australia.  Needless to say, we are very excited to bring this show to more fans (and some really iconic venues). It has been a labor of love to bring this music from concept to reality, but each time we play it, we are reminded that all the hours and late nights were worth it. With the continuation of The String Theory Tour almost upon us, this week we released the String Theory Special Edition Color Vinyl.  If you happen to be an audiophile forever in search of a new addition to you record collection… you’re welcome!

In other news, you probably know we announced that HANSON Day 2019 will be held May 16th -18th.  In addition to the free concert on Saturday night, HANSON Day has grown to include a full schedule of events that include bowling, painting classes, karaoke… yeah Don’t Stop Believing is our go to song as well. The HANSON Day schedule is going up Monday, so if you are thinking about coming, make sure to check back then. This should give you a few days to connect with other friends making the trip (for group activity planning) before event tickets go on sale on Thursday the 14th. All H.net members are invited to attend and share the weekend enjoying music, and maybe event a little beer on Sunday at The Hop Jam.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


The String Theory Limited Edition Colored Vinyl is available in the Hanson.net Store.

HOP JAM 2019!


The Hop Jam, Oklahoma’s largest Craft Beer and Music Festival, today announced its 2019 event will take place on Sunday, May 19th. Returning for the 6th consecutive year, the beloved event features extensive craft beer and live music at the heart of the Tulsa Arts District. Tickets go on sale now, with full music lineup and featured breweries to be announced in March.

“The Hop Jam is all about championing craft beer and music with one community minded voice, and getting the chance to host the best of those two worlds at the heart of Tulsa,” said Taylor Hanson, festival co-founder. “It’s just incredible to see the growth of the festival since we began and we’re thrilled to make it official, Hop Jam 2019 is on its way.”

For tickets and further information, visit TheHopJam.com


With the String Theory album and tour just around the corner, don’t forget to renew your Hanson.net membership for 2019!
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•    Meet & Greets opportunities with the band
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