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HANSON: We’re Ready To Share

WEEKLY PIC This week we are sharing the theme of the Hnet EP coming in May. Along those lines we are sharing a selection of pics from the photo gallery set for Hanson Day which is (like the EP) pics from Real Life, taken on the road and in the studio. Excited to share more of our creative… Read More »

Live Art Returns

Richmond Magazine The band of brothers known as Hanson is among the performers at SPARC’s annual Live Art concert next month. (Photo by Jonathan Weiner) Last year, the School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community’s annual concert brought some big names to the stage. This year, the event lives up to its theme, (“Live Art: Family”) by… Read More »

Where Are the Hanson Brothers Now?

Entertainment Cheat Sheet  There once was a time when you couldn’t listen to the radio (this was before the invention of iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora) without hearing “MMMBop” by Hanson, a boy band made up of the Hanson brothers. It’s been 22 years since their song first hit the airwaves. So, where are the Hanson brothers now? In 1997, the Hanson… Read More »

HANSON: We’re Playing Hop Jam!

WEEKLY PIC This week, we are excited to announce our return to the Hop Jam festival plus our friends Phantom Planet joining us on stage plus tons more great music! Who is coming to Hop Jam May 19th? MESSAGE FROM THE BAND It is official, we are playing The Hop Jam.  Though we have been hinting at it… Read More »

Tuesday Trivia

The Hanson that wants to do piloted paragliding is Zac. Which Hanson says he is not a pessemist but an idealist?


Oklahoma’s largest craft beer and music festival, The Hop Jam is returning this May 19th for it’s 6th year, and announcing it’s full music lineup for the all-ages free concert on two stages, plus the initial breweries from the 100 + breweries anticipated to participate. The 2019 music lineup will be lead by festival founders HANSON, returning to… Read More »


WEEKLY PIC After an amazing run of String Theory shows internationally we are back to thinking about new music and future projects in the studio. What does the future hold? MESSAGE FROM THE BAND We are back from an amazing European / Australian tour and honestly still living in an upside down world… Q: What time is it?… Read More »