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‘Fangirling hard!’ Jodi Anasta and April Rose Pengilly share behind the scenes footage as pop stars Hanson join the cast of Neighbours

Daily Mail In a surprise casting update, pop supergroup Hanson will appear on Australian soap opera Neighbours. The American boy band will make a cameo appearance on a special episode, and the soap’s stars, including Jodi Anasta and April Rose Pengilly, shared behind the scenes footage and photos from the set on Monday. The actresses could not be more… Read More »

Tuesday Trivia

“The Walk” is the song from ‘The Walk’ that was written near the end of Underneath. (You may remember it being Zac’s solo during the Underneath tour!) What song on a later album started being written during ‘The Walk’?

On Hanson, fandom, and the sexual desire of teenage girls

Newstatesman Society has never quite understood Hanson or their fans. Since the band first saw commercial success in 1997, at just 17, 14 and 12 years old, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson were made fun of, quite a lot – as were their equally young fans. The butt of jokes everywhere from Letterman to SNL; the grown-ups just… Read More »