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By | February 4, 2019


BTTI 2019 is fully underway starting with last night’s Rock All Night set. Excited to be hosting so many amazing fans from around the world on this island adventure.


There has been a little rain, especially as everyone was coming in yesterday morning, but coming from Oklahoma, it is hard to complain about warm wet weather when you’re sitting on a beautiful patio drinking a daiquiri and everyone at home is bundled up next to the fire trying to stay warm (-12˚F in Minneapolis!!!).


This year is our seventh Back To The Island and though it is hard to believe we have be at it for something nearing a decade, it is also hard to remember a year without it.  This year members to voted on the theme of all three full band concerts, last night we kicked things off with Rock All Night!


  • Rock All Night (Loud Guitars & High Energy)
  • Surprise Us (HANSON’s Choice)
  • Members Only (A Set Comprised Of Songs Released Exclusively To Hanson.net Members)


The week is just beginning! We have a lot more music, waterfalls, videos games, and two great guests who have joined us this week (Lewis Watson and Jacob Tovar). You’re gonna love them! We know a lot of you were not able to make the trip, but don’t fret, we will be filming all week and sharing videos on H.net just as soon as we get a free hand (currently double fisting pina coladas while using voice to text).


In other news, HANSON Day 2019 will be held May 16th – 18th.  All Hanson.net members are invited to attend.  Just sign in and RSVP in the H.net calendar section to let us know you will be coming. Synchronize your watches, T minus 105 days, and join us when all the festivities begin.  This will be the 27th anniversary of HANSON, so in accordance with tradition, we are giving the gift of music and playing a concert every day all weekend long.
The weekend is not just about music. HANSON Day events have a way of surrounding the albums we make with cool activities that shed light on who we are and what the amazing Hanson.net community of people is all about. Whether you’re joining a painting class, visiting the art gallery, listening to a lecture, busting a move at the dance party or rocking out at one of the concerts, we hope that each event breeds new connections to the songs, and by extension to the members you meet and reunite with in Tulsa.


The full schedule of events will be announced on February 11th and event tickets will go on sale February 14th.


Isaac Taylor and Zac


Join us on May 16th, 17th and 18th for HANSON Day weekend in celebration of 27 years of HANSON music!

This year, HANSON Day will have more musical experiences than ever before. Starting on Thursday, May 16th with the Storytellers concert, a String Theory Concert Friday, May 17th, and then the Member’s Only Concert on Saturday, May 18th, there is a concert to watch every night and that is not even talking about all the special events that will be going on throughout the weekend.

The full event schedule will be announced on February 11th with all special event tickets going up for sale on February 14th… because we love you! See you in May!



With the String Theory album and tour just around the corner, don’t forget to renew your Hanson.net membership for 2019!
During The String Theory enjoy these members benefits.

•    Pre-sale concert tickets
•    Member lines at concerts
•    Meet & Greets opportunities with the band
•    Fan Club Reporter’s interviews
•    Exclusive videos
•    Check-in at the concert to win one of a kind items

You can find your current expiration date by going to your My Account page. Not a member join today!

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