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What the Hanson brothers are really all about

Time Out On the heels of the release of their latest holiday album, Finally It’s Christmas, the Hanson brothers open up about the longevity of their musical career and more. As my 12-year-old self rejoices at the sight of the three Hanson brothers with beers in hand sitting across from me in a downtown New York City bar (Barcade, to be precise),… Read More »

Finally It’s Christmas Special Now on YouTube

WEEKLY PIC Isaac, Taylor and Zac hosting Finally It’s Christmas YouTube Livestream FINALLY IT’S CHRISTMAS RE-STREAM Finally It’s Christmas Stream, Re-Posted (Just in Time For Christmas) Last night was officially our last concert of 2017, performing for some of our fav fans in Milwaukee (taking it all the way back to MON). We have been just about everywhere… Read More »

My First Hanson Day: Sara

This year was also Sara’s first Hanson Day.  She traveled from NJ solo but met up with some Hanson Day veteran friends once arriving in Tulsa. Sara thought that with it being the 20th anniversary of Middle of Nowhere, this year would be a good time to attend.  No one ever knows what the next year will bring,… Read More »

Why Hanson Are Fine That People Pulled The Pin On Them After MMMBop

Pedestrian By Chantelle Schmidt 1997 was a much simpler time, when a song that was essentially gibberish with innocent moaning throughout dominated the charts in 27 different countries. ‘MMMbop‘, birthed from three long-haired Hanson brothers from the small town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, managed to overtake the world before YouTube, Spotify or even the bloody internet in general was… Read More »

Hanson’s Mmmhops and 14 other beers brewed for (or by) musicians

Milwaukee Record There are currently more breweries and more beers than ever before. As a result of the unprecedented growth the industry has experienced, more brewers are crafting new beer at a staggering rate, and the lines between hop hobbyist and master brewer are blurring more with each new beer’s release. Similarly, there are more musicians putting out… Read More »

Hanson: ‘We won’t be buying each other gifts!’

CelebsNow TAGS:ChristmasHanson At Now HQ there’s one thing we’ve heard quite enough of – all this ‘oh Hanson, are they back?’ Guys, c’mon – they never went away! Ok, perhaps we’re too invested in them, after all, we’re potentially their biggest fans. Regardless, the three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, are well…back, on the airways that is. The release… Read More »

Hanson For The Holidays

NPR We’ve been recording Tiny Desk concerts for nearly a decade, and in that time, a few artists have come back for encores — folks like Wilco, Chris Thile and the inspiration for the series, Laura Gibson. One band, The Oh Hellos, came back after a year to favor us with a holiday set. But we’ve never, until… Read More »