Hanson’s Mmmhops and 14 other beers brewed for (or by) musicians

By | December 21, 2017

Milwaukee Record

There are currently more breweries and more beers than ever before. As a result of the unprecedented growth the industry has experienced, more brewers are crafting new beer at a staggering rate, and the lines between hop hobbyist and master brewer are blurring more with each new beer’s release. Similarly, there are more musicians putting out more music than ever before and they’re all vying for listener attention on more platforms than ever before. Occasionally, that shared saturation of sudsy and sonic output results in beers that are brewed for musicians.

How prevalent has it become? Well, between Wednesday and New Year’s Eve, Milwaukee will host two different bands with a beer made in their honor. Before the “Mmmhops” inventors in Hanson play at Riverside Theater on December 20 and Wisconsin’s own Horseshoes & Hand Grenades play their brand of bluegrass that’s befitting of a Central Waters beer at Pabst Theater on December 31, Milwaukee Record found more than 15 instances of tap lists and playlists coming together.

12. Mmmhops (Hanson)
As mentioned above, the boys in Hanson have grown up to become bonifide beer aficionados. In early 2013, the sibling songwriting trio responsible for “MMMBop” joined up with Mustang Brewing in Hanson’s home state of Oklahoma to brew “Mmmhops.” The American Pale Ale is actually pretty good. Don’t believe us? Here’s what a Master Brewer thought about it. Unfortunately, you can only get it throughout Oklahoma and just 11 other spots in the country.


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