Hanson remembers old show successes in Rio de Janeiro

By | August 26, 2017

Audiograma [translated]

Trio formed by the three brothers of Oklahoma (USA) celebrates 25 years of career with world tour

Four years after his last concert in Rio de Janeiro, Hanson returned to the Marvelous City to bring to the Rio audience the commemorative tour of the band’s 25th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album, “Middle of Nowhere.” If Taylor, Isaac and Zac HansonThey do not meet the audience of yesteryear, at least the fans present at the KM Hall Advantages (old Metropolitan) were quite excited even before the show started. The siblings gave a nostalgic presentation to a crowd of mostly 20-30 year old women who went crazy with every success on the setlist. At 9:33 pm, just three minutes after the scheduled start of the show, the American trio, accompanied by two other supporting musicians, appeared on the stage, promoting a deafening wave of screams.

Before even sitting in front of the piano, Taylor, the most wanted member of the girls, greeted the audience. “Hello, Rio, welcome to the show,” said the singer, with a smile on his face. Already Isaac came in with the cell phone in hand, filming the reaction of the fans. The first repertoire of music was “Already Home” , the latest album released by Hanson, “The Anthem” , 2013. The show then followed excited about “Waiting for This”, the CD “Shout It Out” , released in 2010 But it was even the double of “Where’s the Love” and “Look At You”, Both of Hanson’s debut work, which set the audience on fire. Not to be outdone, the 1997 album sold more than 10 million copies and earned three Grammy nominations for Taylor, Isaac and Zac. The figures cited, of course, make the audience’s warm welcome to the two songs totally understandable.

The presentation in Rio de Janeiro continued with “Tragic Symphony” and “Thinkig Bout ‘Something” . After the latter, Taylor released a “thank you” in Portuguese. “It’s great to be back in this wonderful country, where we first came in 2000,” he added. The next songs in the setlist were “Runaway Run” and “This Time Around” , the eponymous album released in 2000. Going through all the stages of his musical career, shortly after appeared in the repertoire “Go” , the CD “The Walk” , 2007, and “Strong Enough to Break” and “Penny & Me” , the album “Underneath” (2004). In the midst of them,“Juliet,” when Zac and Taylor switched roles on stage. The youngest Hanson, 31, went to the piano, and the middle one, 34, took up drumsticks. Meanwhile, Isaac, 36, continued on guitar.

Isaac (Photo: Wallace Mendonça)

Later, “Save Me” , eternalized in Brazil due to the participation in the soundtrack of the novel “Family Ties”, marked one of the highest points of the night. The acoustic hit made the fans sing loudly and emotionally as the trio’s voices harmonized with praise. Before “I Was Born,” the single released this year, Taylor spoke about how each of us came into the world to fulfill a unique mission, whatever it was, that could never be fulfilled by another person, making us special. The motivational speech, of course, won the audience and the singer received a lot of applause.

Taylor (Photo: Wallace Mendonça)

As the performance progressed, the brothers were looser on the stage, visibly giving their best to please their devoted fans. Thus came hits like “A Minute Without You”, “Give a Little”, “MMMbop” and “If Only” , to make anyone present in the show tired of jumping and singing. The last two songs of the setlist were “Fired Up” and “In the City” , forcing the brothers to say goodbye to the audience at 11:26. A few minutes later, Hanson returned to the bis, which, contagiously, ended the presentation in a warm pace.

Zac (Photo: Wallace Mendonça)

The final part of the show featured the covers of Bobby Day ‘s “Rockin ‘Robin” and Chuck Berry’s “Jhonny B. Goode,” ending with “Lost Without Each Other . ” With two hours of music, the celebratory night of Hanson in Rio de Janeiro was, in fact, striking for band and also for the public. The fans may not have come by weight, but whoever was there filled the gap of those who were missing and certainly went home with a good story to tell.


1. “Already Home”
2. “Waiting for This”
3. “Where’s the Love”
4. “Look at You”
5. “Tragic Symphony”
6. “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'”
7. “Runaway Run”
8. “This Time Around”
9. “Weird”
10. “Go”
11. “Madeline”
12. “Juliet”
13. “Strong Enough to Break”
14. “Penny & Me”
15. “Watch Over Me”
16. ” Save Me ”
17.” on and on ”
18.” I Was Born ”
19.” a Minute Without You ”
20.” Get the Girl Back ”
21.” Give a Little ”
22.” and I Waited ”
23.” MMMBop ”
24.” If Only ”
25.” Fired Up ”
26.” In the City ”


27. “Rockin ‘Robin” (cover of Bobby Day)
28. “Johnny B. Goode” (cover of Chuck Berry)
29. “Lost Without Each Other”

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