HNET Newsletter- Aug 25, 2017

By | August 25, 2017


The Latin American leg of the Middle Of Everywhere Tour has been amazing. Here’s a pic capturing some of the enthusiasm of fans in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Have you joined us at a show in Latin America? So much more is still in store in Brazil!


What a great time we have been having in Latin America. Besides the great food and all the amazing fans everywhere we go, just this week we have had two members events and some unforgettable concerts.  Brazil has a high bar to live up to after Mexico, Chile and Argentina, but after years of concerts we know this is one place where the audiences tend to be off the hook.  We uploaded another I Was Born Challenge video today so make sure to check that out and use it as an inspiration to challenge yourself.  Do Go Be, whatever is on your bucket list, don’t leave it for another day. US Tour dates start in a few weeks and in just a over a week Middle Of Everywhere Greatest Hits will be released.  We have been though a lot over the years, but nothing quite says we are here to stay like a Greatest Hits album.  This is a landmark moment and once we turn the corner I think we will all feel a sense of relief and readiness to talk about what is coming next… meaning among other things Christmas album and concerts; you know the works.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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