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By | August 17, 2017

milenio [translated]

(Luis Adams)


The brother conquered the Tapatio public with the themes that made them one of the most successful groups to celebrate their 25 year career.

Although 25 years have passed since they began their career, Isaac, Taylor and Zac just last night debuted on the tapatio stage. Thousands of girls crammed the C3 Stage, most between 25 and 30 years old; the number of gentlemen in the room was significantly smaller, part of them serving as companions, but entering the concert alike.

The band Norway began the night at 20:30 hours, and was well received. An hour later came the expected moment.

The trio of US brothers arrived on stage and started off with energy to take off with “Where’s the Love” followed by “Look at You” and “Give a Little”. Taylor, who just minutes from having started was already bathed in sweat, thanked the attendees.

“This Time Around” was heard just 20 minutes after the concert began, and it was one of the most choreographed and filmed tracks; there was a moment when the female voices overshadowed them and they allowed themselves to consent.

Although the three brothers received affection from the fans, the screams for Taylor were heard in the slightest pause. But beyond returning in time, the boys demonstrated their instrumental ability at all times, that which distinguished them beyond the pop label.

Then came the turn of another of his most iconic songs, “Weird”, whose video was made by the filmmaker Gus Van SAnt, which enlivened one of the most emotional moments and the opportunity for Zac to demonstrate his talent in the microphone.

When the boys tried to talk to the attendants, they had to wait for the screams to stop. Shortly after came “Madeline”, another respite, quieter tone, with Isaac on acoustic guitar. Taylor with a tambourine and Zac left the battery to add to the front.

The atmosphere between the audience was always cordial, the fans looking at each other at the end of each song with huge smiles. “Juliet” continued the theme dedicated to the girls and the wave of arms to the air accompanied him.

“We’ve been playing for 25 years and that’s crazy. In 2002 we opened our record company and we are betting on you,” said Taylor, grateful before dedicating “Strong Enough to Break” which was followed by “Penny and Me”.

It had been an hour before the show, and some of them went out for a moment to cool off, but that pause was brief.

“Watch Over Me” caused waves and dances among the audience. The brothers took a moment to give them “A Song to Sing”.

“As part of our community, we are now visiting them, they are invited to visit our city” Taylor proclaimed before singing “On and On” which was performed by the three with an acoustic guitar each.

In “I Was Born”, suddenly among the audience appeared dozens of balloons that the fans moved to the rhythm of the music creating a picturesque effect.

Taylor wrapped himself up with the Mexican flag and placed it on his keyboard to play “Get the Girl Back”. The end of the night was approaching and of course the party provoked MMMBop, a success that made them sound all over the world in the nineties.

With the promise of an early return, the trio said goodbye to shouts and applause, marking as a success their first concert at Perlap Tapatia, after 25 years of artistic career.