Hanson, the boy band that seeks to be legitimate 20 years later

By | August 17, 2017

Chilango [ translated ]

Photo: Getty Images

Things you should not do in 2017: look for your primary crush on Facebook or the boy-band of your teenage years in Google. The effect of seeing Hanson 20 years later is similar to attending a breakfast of the generation 97 to face the ineffable passage of time: where is Taylor, the long-haired g├╝erito – a mini Kurt Cobain – who sang like a girl? , Which of the three is the little one who played the drums? And you still do not define if the older of the band got more handsome, or now looks even more like Erick Rubin.

Then the talk of the children: there are mixed feelings when you learn that the children of the band are now parents: the brothers Isaac (36), Taylor (34) and Zac (31) have dedicated themselves to procreate Like the 101 Dalmatians and in total, among the three add up … 12 children, and even claim that their offspring could form their own band: please do not! Eye, they are not Mormons, but to feed so many offspring, Hanson have had to fight against the curse of the one hit wonder: the sticky “MMMBop” and have continued recording and turning independently to seek to legitimize themselves as musicians after being thrown For his label in full crisis post-Napster.

If ex-alumni meetings are your thing, then you have an appointment at El Plaza to see Hanson. Just do not end up talking to your contemporaries of medicines, divorces, and failed businesses; Better remember those teenager afternoons as you watched MTV and chose your favorite Hanson.