Hanson presenta ‘I was born’ durante concierto de aniversario

By | August 17, 2017

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Hanson presents ‘I was born’ during anniversary concert

Mexico, 16 Ago (Notimex) .- The American pop rock trio Hanson will present today in Mexico City his “Middle of everywhere 25th anniversary world tour”, with which they celebrate more than two decades of trajectory.

The band will be in Plaza Condesa, where it will offer the public of the capital of the country a tour of its greatest hits, in addition to presenting its most recent song “I was born”.

In an interview with Notimex, Zac Hanson said: “I feel incredible celebrating 25 years and returning after a long time to Mexico, it feels even better because we have many Mexican fans who continue to support us after a long time and we are very grateful for that” .

The concert tour will be used for the Hanson brothers’ new record production (premiere September 8), whose name is the same as their tour, and will be a compilation of 25 hits that were part of their last six albums, which will also include their New single released in May.


Concerning the number 26 issue that will be added on that album, the singer commented: “‘I was born’ tells the story of when we were younger, when we dreamed and thought about the future.

“I think this is an important issue for all, both young people and adults, we want to share the message of fighting and prepare to reach their goals and not give up.”

According to the singer, incorporating that song into the album and the tour was very important, because they wanted to capture the essence of what they live at the moment but “celebrating the past”. In addition, that single is an advance of what will be your projects for the next few years.

With “Middle of everywhere 25th anniversary world tour” they have toured diverse places of Europe, Australia, the United States, Canada and Latin America. During their visit to the country, they will include concerts in Monterrey (August 13), Guadalajara and Mexico City (August 15 and 16, respectively).

As for his projects, Zac Hanson said that “we are planning new music, but before we want to focus on this anniversary and share our story, although we are definitely thinking about the next album and continue for many more years.”

The brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, have released six studio albums: Middle of Nowhere (1997), This Time Around (2000), Underneath (2004) , “The Walk” (2007), “Shout It Out” (2010) and “Anthem” (2013).

Over 25 years they have sold more than 16 million albums worldwide with sticky tunes like “Mmmbop”, “Where’s the love”, “Weird”, “This time around”, “If only” “And” Penny and me. ”

Founded in 1992, the brothers trio began playing classical rock and soul along with original lyrics with which they created a unique blend of harmonies and poignant organic rock pop.