Hanson brothers slam Justin Bieber: ‘Chlamydia of the ear’

By | June 19, 2017


Andrew Bucklow news.com.au

HANSON has slammed Justin Bieber, comparing both the pop star and his music to a sexually transmitted disease.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson took the music world by storm 20 years ago when their song MMMBop went to number one in 27 different countries.

But in an interview with Hit107 FM in Adelaide, they made it quite clear they’re not fans of current chart-topping artist, Bieber, who has three out of the top five singles on the ARIA charts.

The brothers, who are now in their 30s, took part in a game called Whose Song is it Anyway? with breakfast radio hosts Amos Gill, Cat Lynch and Angus O’Loughlin.

“Here’s the deal with this game,” one of the brothers said, “we’re gonna lose”.

Isaac, Taylor and Zachary Hanson back in their glory days.
Isaac, Taylor and Zachary Hanson back in their glory days.Source:News Corp Australia
Admitting they don’t listen to much “modern” music, it wasn’t surprising that none of the Hanson members knew the title or artist of the biggest song in the country right now, Despacito.

When the breakfast hosts told them it was by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, the Hanson members couldn’t hide their disdain.

“Can I just say I’m glad I didn’t know what that was,” one of the brothers said.

“I prefer not to get any venereal diseases so whenever Justin Bieber gets near me or near my ears … it’s just ear infections, they’re terrible.”

Hanson, who seemed amused throughout the interview by the fact most Koala’s have chlamydia, then compared Bieber to one of the furry creatures.

“It’s like hanging out with a koala,” one of them said, “Chlamydia of the ear, it sucks”.

Hanson is currently touring Australia and will be performing at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on June 21, The Star on the Gold Coast on June 24 and The Tivoli in Brisbane on June 25.

Oh, and for the record, they lost the game of Whose Song is it Anyway?

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