My First Hanson Day: Annie

By | June 10, 2017

Annie headed to her first Hanson day from Minnesota, solo.  She rediscovered her love of Hanson after seeing them on ABC’s Greatest Hits and decided to go to t see what Hanson Day was like.  Before attending, she was hoping to meet some fellow fans as she feels like she’s missed out on the last 20 years of camaraderie between fans.

Before arriving in Tulsa, Annie was most looking forward to the lectures since it would be an acoustic show and she was curious to hear the guys talk about the origins of the music and she of course is looking forward to the members only concert.

After arriving back from the events, Annie said that she had read a lot about Hanson Day prior to going so there wasn’t anything new from an events standpoint.  While most people dread the idea of lines at Hanson Day, Annie said she enjoyed waiting in the lines more than she thought she would, mainly because it gave her the chance to meet new people. She really appreciated how everyone was so willing to hold people’s spots in lines so they could do something other than stand in line all day.  She did think there would be more time for sight seeing and going to the arts fest.  She was disappointed that the weather didn’t cooperate and noted that as her least favorite thing of the weekend.  Her favorite things about the weekend was meeting new people and the acoustic show!

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