Hanson est de retour ! Voici 5 de leurs tubes

By | June 9, 2017


(Translated using google translate)

Hanson is back! Here are 5 of their tubes


This Friday, June 9 is a date like no other … An exceptional day itself. Not because it marks the beginning of the post-Mayor era in the capital, nor because the Red Devils will beat it with Estonia in the evening, but because it will see the unlikely coming to Belgium of the Hanson.

Isaac (the great), Taylor (the middle) and Zac (the little one) – who have never hung up the microphone and released albums at regular intervals over the years – are celebrating their quarter-century career this year. And, at the same time, the twenty years of their mythical album “Middle of Nowhere”, barded of the first and last tube of the siblings, saw “MMMBop”. A double-anniversary which will be the subject of a world tour, passing by the Trix Antwerp this Friday night.

On this occasion, we found five unavoidable tracks of the discography of the brothers. Enjoy …

1) “MMMBop”

2) “MMMBop”

3) “MMMBop”

4) “MMMBop”

5) “MMMBop”

For the pleasure of the groupies of Hanson who have become thirty, a small photo of the three bell√Ętres (today aged respectively 36, 34 and 31 years) in 2017.