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HBomb Podcast : Episode 11: A Real Live One

Nick (and Nick!) are back with another podcast – this time discussing their favorite Hanson live songs! You can never have enough lists, so here’s an episode with more! This time we’re running through our personal top 15 greatest Hanson live songs. No debating, just lists and discussion. And a few bad words I beeped out.

HANSON Christmas Stream Friday, Dec 2nd!

NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE Join HANSON this Friday at 6PM CT for the 2016 Finally it’s Christmas stream.  Watch Clips from the making of HANSON’s new Christmas album as well as never before seen footage from the making of their classic Christmas album, Snowed In. Footage from the making of Snowed In New Music Classic Christmas Songs Footage… Read More »

Tuesday Trivia

The incorrect lyric Isaac sang was “Will your eyes still remember the taste of my love” instead of “Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love” when they were recording “Thinking Out Loud” Which of Zac’s adlibs during the R&R EP recording was he disappointed was missed?

HNET Newsletter Nov 23, 2016

WEEKLY PIC Over the last month our studio was transformed into a Holiday Haven while working on our new Christmas album. Here’s a snap of some of our favorite studio accoutrements. It’s not officially Christmas season yet but I think it’s fair to say Happy Holidays! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND This week in the US we are celebrating… Read More »

News Roundup…

A few news clips that mentioned Hanson around the internet in the past couple of days…   DailyMail In an interview with Rove & Sam, Justin Timberlake mentioned his childhood crush was Alyssa Milano. Radio hosts Rove and Sam also shared their childhood crushes. Surprisingly Sam, 23, revealed it was none other than Zac Hanson, who formed part… Read More »

Back To The Island 2017 Special Guests

BACK TO THE ISLAND SPECIAL GUESTS We’re thrilled to announce that our special guests for BACK TO THE ISLAND 2017 will be our good friends Andrew Ripp and JD McPherson! We’re so excited to have them join us. And for anyone who wants to attend, a few rooms are available! To make a reservation or for more information, please… Read More »

Tuesday Trivia

The Hanson song rewritten as a parody called “Chicken Pie” was “Great Divide”. What lyric did Isaac sing incorrectly when they were recording “Thinking Out Loud”?

Stories, laughs and tears: Leon Russell remembered at Tulsa funeral

Tulsa World Taylor Hanson sings in tribute to the late Leon Russell during the Memorial Service for Leon Russell at the Mabee Center in Tulsa, Sunday Nov. 20, 2016. JESSIE WARDARSKI/Tulsa World Leon Russell came back to Tulsa just one more time. The iconic singer, musician, songwriter and friend to many who influenced and shaped rock and roll… Read More »

Leon Russell Memorial Service

Taylor performed “A Song For You” at the Memorial Service for Leon Russell.  The memorial service was streamed and can be viewed at: Taylor can be seen at 2:11:36

Looking for your trivia questions!

Think you have a real stumper of a Hanson trivia question?  Send us the question and answer to and you may see it featured as part of our “Trivia Tuesday” in 2017!  Feel free to send as many questions/answers as you can come up with.  If 2017 gets filled up, we’ll schedule them for 2018 as well.