News Roundup…

By | November 23, 2016

A few news clips that mentioned Hanson around the internet in the past couple of days…



In an interview with Rove & Sam, Justin Timberlake mentioned his childhood crush was Alyssa Milano.

Radio hosts Rove and Sam also shared their childhood crushes.

Surprisingly Sam, 23, revealed it was none other than Zac Hanson, who formed part of the pop rock band Hanson.


Surprising: Sam revealed it was none other than Zac Hanson (pictured), who formed part of the pop rock band Hanson
In a more interesting article, Orlando Brown detailed his relationship with Raven Symone using only sounds, including “MMMBop”?
“I told you in the first interview, she gave me …” the former Disney star fails to complete his sentence verbally, relying instead on a series of inexplicable slurping noises, tongue wagging and jowl rattling, then transitioning into some jazz scat before closing with the chorus to Hanson’s “Mmmbop.”
Local band Dandy talks about how they have a song that was inspired by Hanson’s “MMMBop”
Most meaningful song that you’ve written: “There’s a song we do called ‘Lost Father.’ It’s a story about a dad who messed up his relationship with his son. It’s the backstory about what could start that. In the song, he’s doing his best to apologize and make up for his faults that he’s had on impacting his family and son’s life. It has a good message. It’s positive, but it’s real and gritty. One of my recent ones is ‘Feeling Like.’ It’s about a girl, but it goes off a relationship with a friend that I have who was having some self-image problems. It has a really fun pop feel that was inspired by the band Hanson. They did a song called ‘MMMBop.’ When I write, I kind of just mumble stuff into my phone to get a melody idea. We stuck with what I mumbled and it sounds like gibberish. It’s a fun sound with the onomatopoeia of what the girl would make you sound like, essentially.”