HNET Newsletter Apr 15, 2016

By | April 15, 2016


We’ve had  a great time making the new Loud EP. Don’t miss the stream for members where we share an inside look at the recording!


This week we have been putting final touches on the songs for the new EP, Loud.  We will be sharing the final product at HANSON Day in just a few weeks, but until then you can get a taste by tuning into the behind the scenes stream on tonight and every Friday for the next three weeks.  We started this EP with a title, Loud, and it made for a powerful jumping off point. Whether it is in the lyric or the rhythm or the guitar tone, all five of the new songs capture an aspect of Loud. What brings it all together is deep down inside, no matter where we go, it is still coming from HANSON. This is the last week to get your MOEY Awards submissions in so throw caution to the wind and turn your idea into reality. We started the MOEY Awards in 2015 with the idea of putting the spotlight on some of the amazing members in the community.  We are looking forward to seeing it grow and sharing the stage with the winners.  We will see you all in a few weeks at HANSON Day.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Fan Club Exclusive:
Join HANSON  for Part 2 of the Making Of Loud stream beginning at 6pm CT tonight, April 15th. Get a behind the scenes look at the creation of this year’s membership kit.

Not yet a member, join now!


Fan Club Exclusive:
The MOEY awards were started as a way to highlight creative and extraordinary members of the community. The deadline for this year’s MOEY submissions is April 22nd. The 2016 MOEY Awards will be presented to the winning Members during the State Of The Band talk at HANSON Day 2016 in Tulsa, OK on May 20th. May the best fan win.

For details about the MOEYs, click here.


Fan Club Exclusive:
After an incredible event in Jamaica to start off 2016, we are thrilled to do it all again, January 4th8th, 2017! We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests saying Back To The Island 2016 was the best ever, from the location in Jamaica to the amenities at the Jewel Paradise Cove, so we’re happy we are planning to return and we hope you will, too!

We plan to maintain all of the elements that everyone loved while continuing to add more fun for return Islanders, so no matter whether it’s your first or your fifth time to join us, it will be an incredible experience.

For those already attending, don’t forget to vote for the concert themes you want by April 30th!

For all the details, click here.


With a new 2016 members EP in the works and HANSON Day just around the corner in MAY, we wanted to remind you to renew your membership for 2016.  You can find your current expiration date by going to your My Account page.

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