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Tuesday Trivia

Zac’s birthday festivities in 2014 were called “Zactoberfest” “Digital Pants” comes from the British English term “pants” which means what?

Hanson: 20 years after “MMMBop” – The Zac, Taylor & Isaac make today

Purestars (DE) Translated using Google Translate “MMMBop” was THE catchy nineties and the big break of three brothers from Oklahoma. Today the “Hanson” have grown up – the seen and heard! Nearly 20 years have passed since that the demo version of the song “MMMBop” has come out. And then, our three “Hanson” -Brüder missed therefore the ultimate… Read More »

Hanson: Where Are They Now

Inquisitr Hanson, a band with brothers Taylor, Isaac, and Zac, who were the crush of many teenage girls in the 90s and the guilty pleasure of many teenage boys, grew up to become craft beer connoisseurs, according to Ktul. The three Hanson brothers are teaming up with a brewery named Dead Armadillo to create something special. Mason Beecroft, of the… Read More »

HNET Newsletter Mar 25, 2016

WEEKLY PIC Here we are working on some new music this week. Looking forward to sharing it with you at HANSON Day. MESSAGE FROM THE BAND In preparation for recording the 2016 members EP Loud, we have been doing a little writing and general musical goofing off to stretch our muscles before we get in the thick of… Read More »

Hanson Says Everyone’s Been Singing ‘MMMBop’ Wrong: Find Out Why!

US Magazine Isaac Hanson, Zac Hanson and Taylor Hanson of Hanson visit at SiriusXM Studios on October 16, 2015 in New York City. Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images Just can’t get it right! It’s been 20 years since Hanson’s Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson released their 1996 megahit “MMMBop.” While their infectious, iconic track has been covered by an innumerable amount of musicians, the brothers revealed… Read More »