HNET Newsletter Mar 25, 2016

By | March 25, 2016


Here we are working on some new music this week. Looking forward to sharing it with you at HANSON Day.


In preparation for recording the 2016 members EP Loud, we have been doing a little writing and general musical goofing off to stretch our muscles before we get in the thick of it with another tracking session.  New music is always a good thing especially now that we have announced we will not be making one, but two EPs this year. Making music is both our job and also the way we have fun and that is where the titles of these two EPs come from.  Loud, Play. Really is there any better way to play loudly than to make music?  We will be turning on the cameras and filming the process of writing and recording Loud as things kick into high gear next week. Starting onApril 8th, we will begin streaming every Friday for five weeks behind the scenes footage to members.  View at your own risk!  We will begin making Play when we start tracking live on stage at HANSON Day.  It is going to be great! Hope to see you all there.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac



“We look forward to HANSON Day every year.  In a way it is the start of our year, and really who wouldn’t want to start their year sharing new music, paintings and stories from the past 20 years”-Zac Hanson

All fan club members get free admission to the HANSON Day concert, State of The Band talk and the HANSON Day Art Gallery.  There are also special ticketed events like the I Heart 2 Bowl Tournament, Dance Party, the HANSON Day Lectures, and More…

For details, CLICK HERE


With a new 2016 members EP in the works and HANSON Day just around the corner in MAY, we wanted to remind you to renew your membership for 2016.  You can find your current expiration date by going to your My Account page.

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