Hanson: 20 years after “MMMBop” – The Zac, Taylor & Isaac make today

By | March 29, 2016

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“MMMBop” was THE catchy nineties and the big break of three brothers from Oklahoma. Today the “Hanson” have grown up – the seen and heard!
Nearly 20 years have passed since that the demo version of the song “MMMBop” has come out. And then, our three “Hanson” -Brüder missed therefore the ultimate catchy and had for months become indispensable in the charts. On the occasion of the great “MMMBop” -Jubiläums said the band that exists today with the “Vulture” magazine on the mega-hit of the nineties – also about the fact that the chorus was always sung incorrectly by most …

“MMMBop” – no one could sing the chorus!

“People can not really sing the chorus. In most cases, they stress it wrong,” said Isaac Hanson (35), the oldest of the bunch, in an interview. with the right emphasis – – Nevertheless, the brothers have a good “MMMBop” cover will be happy mad.

“MMMBop” was the biggest chart success of three Hanson brothers.
But what they have driven really by their great success with the album “Middle of Nowhere” in 1997? Anyway, everything else than to relax! The “Hanson” -Brüder have produced by their debut six more albums, the last in 2013. Today they sound experimental and adult. And these are the guys from Tulsa, Oklahoma also become!

Zac, Taylor & Isaac – fathers instead teen idols

Zac Hanson (30) – the band chick – is now married for almost ten years and has three children. Taylor Hanson (33) married his dream girl in 2002. The couple has no fewer than five children. Even Isaac is about ten years under the hood and also a father of three. Still, the three brothers making music together – but before a smaller audience. But big stadium tours were given the completed private life of the three probably difficult to implement …

How do the brothers have changed in the last 20 years, you can see in our gallery.


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