Daily Archives: May 13, 2015

New album Owl City have partnered with Hanson

vagalume (translated using google translate) After releasing the cover art, Owl City decided gracing fans with a list of tracks that will make up the new album “Mobile Orchestra“. The fifth composer’s studio work and multi-instrumentalist will consist of 10 songs, five of them partnerships. In addition to the already revealed Aloe Blacc on the first single “Verge”,… Read More »

Eclectic lineup bringing big music to The Hop Jam

Tulsa World Christopher Smith Center of the Universe Horse Thief Horse Thief performs at last year’s Center of the Universe Festival. The Oklahoma City band returns to the Brady Arts District for Hop Jam. CHRISTOPHER SMITH/Tulsa World file Horse Thief Listeners looking for a big and complex sound can find it with Oklahoma City’s Horse Thief. From big themes… Read More »

What to know before heading to The Hop Jam

Tulsa World Tulsa World Christopher Smith The Hop Jam Craft beer fans line up for samples during last year’s Hop Jam festival. The beer portion of the event will run north on Main Street from M.B. Brady Street. CHRISTOPHER SMITH/Tulsa World file After about 30,000 people came to experience the first year of Hanson’s beer and music festival, The… Read More »

Guide to the beers coming to The Hop Jam on Sunday

Tulsa World The Hop Jam The Hop Jam Beer & Music Festival on May 17 hosts craft brewers from across the world, celebrating a diversity of styles and flavors. Guest brewers will feature special limited-edition brews as well as their premier beers. The Beer Block on Main Street will be 21 and older. 1 p.m.: Gates open at… Read More »