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Hanson to Play Two Nights at House of Blues

Cleve Scene You might have missed it, but those cute Hanson siblings that gave us the hit tune “MMMbop” in the ’90s are all grown up. As if to prove it, they’ve announced the Roots and Rock n’ Roll Tour, a special 10-city tour that’ll feature two concerts in each of the 10 major markets. The tour will… Read More »

Head back to the ’90s in Owl City’s animated ‘Unbelievable’ video

EW If you’re going to pay a sonic visit to the ’90s, really, there’s no better collaborator than Hanson, the trio of brothers out of Tulsa, Oklahoma who dominated the decade with tunes like ”MMMBop.” Which, presumably, is the same conclusion Adam Young, the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and electronica artist who produces music as Owl City, drew before he reached out… Read More »

Hanson Are Featured On Owl City’s New Song “Unbelievable” & 5 More Artists I’d Love For The Guys To Collaborate With — LISTEN

Bustle                    David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images If you’re not a Hanson stan like myself, then maybe (maybe) I’ll cut you some slack for not knowing that they are still around (never left, yo), consistently creating seriously kickass, soulful rock, are the best live performers I have ever seen bar none, and have cultivated a fan base so… Read More »


June 29th – After two years without a North American tour, HANSON is returning with a special 10 city tour across the US and Canada, featuring 2 concerts in each of the 10 major markets. “This tour is all about celebrating our musical journey, starting with a night of cover songs that have inspired us, followed by a… Read More »

Hanson Song vs Song – Week 26

Please vote for the song you think is the better Hanson song in each of the 3 polls below. Polls will expire after one week so make sure you get your votes in! [poll id=”83″] [poll id=”84″] [poll id=”85″] If you need a refresher on what these songs are – be sure to head over to to… Read More »