Hanson Brothers beer at The Hop Jam

By | May 10, 2015

Tulsa World

The Hanson Brothers will be bringing two special beers to The Hop Jam in addition to Mmmhops Pale Ale, according to Taylor Hanson.

“They are on either side of the spectrum of flavor, a light bodied farmhouse ale and an over-the-top coffee stout,” he said.

Hop Jam Festive Ale

“We love a great farmhouse ale, because it has personality and depth of flavor, but it is refreshing and easy to drink. This beer brings together the characteristics of a traditional farmhouse, with a balanced malt character, and a dry earthy finish from the hops, but it finishes with a citrus nose which comes directly from the orange peel and coriander.

“We plan for the Hop Jam Festive Ale to also be available on tap around Tulsa this summer on a limited release,” Hanson said.

Okie Coffee Stout

“This monster stout is made up of chocolate malt and oats, with expertly roasted Ethiopian coffee beans, giving it a roasted flavor and a full bodied mouth feel. Additionally we have added rich vanilla and cocoa nibs, to drench the palate with smooth sweetness. Finally we add oak barrel chips, which bring all the flavors together for a beer worthy of the stout Okie spirit.

“The beer is available exclusively at The Hop Jam,” Hanson said.

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