Hanson to play CNE Bandshell in Toronto, Canada

By | May 28, 2014

Thursday August 28 – HANSON

With arching melodies, epic guitar riffs and rhythms inciting you to put your hands in the air, anthems give us a soundtrack to life’s defining moments. And for Hanson, their sixth studio albumAnthem marks the beginning of their third decade of making music together.

Over their first 20 years, brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson have made their mark. Five years building a fanbase as an independent band led to a meteoric rise with the 1997 international smash single MMMBop from their debut album Middle Of Nowhere. A long line of hits, four more studio albums, multiple Grammy nominations and over 16 million album sales followed. Over their second decade, the band charted their own course running an independent label while maintaining a coveted connection with their global fanbase, and in 2007 they launched a grassroots campaign to support poverty and HIV/AIDS relief in Africa.

Date: Aug 28
Time: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Location: Bandshell Park

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