90s idols Hanson reject talk of reality shows to concentrate on beer, music, marriage and kids

By | May 27, 2014

Daily Telegraph

Hanson became 90s sensations with MmmBop. Source: Supplied

The brothers who caused teen hysteria in the mid 90s have come a long way since their MMMBop days.

As you would imagine, the three Taylor brothers — better known as Hanson — who are each married with kids, have been offered their own reality show. But middle brother Taylor confirmed it’s not what they’re about.

“Every week we get a request from a major production company to have our own reality show … they’re curious about our lives but we’re never in this to be famous.”

Hanson all grown up and looking sharp. Source: Supplied

You can’t help but remember them as the sweet young boys, with golden locks who stole gen Y hearts.

But a lot has changed since then. Busy with not just their music career including their own label 3CG Records which began after leaving Def Jam Records, the boys have taken a liking to beer.

They launched their own ale MMMHops to celebrate their 21st anniversary last year.

Loyal fans will be pleased to know that the boys are coming back to Australia to launch their brand new album Anthem.

It includes their catchy pop rock single Get The Girl Back, with Twilight actor Nikki Reed and Two Broke Girls star Kat Dennings featuring in the video clip.

Hanson will be performing at The Enmore Theatre on August 8. Source: Supplied

Taylor said following from their previous Australian tour in 2012, they felt extremely honoured to have such a strong Aussie following after so many years. Prior to that they hadn’t been Down Under for seven years.

“We really have an awesome history in Australia, we always have a great time,” Taylor, 31 said.

With a strong appreciation for their fans commitment, he’s just as grateful for the new lot who’ve jumped on board.

“The band is 22 years old now, the natural thing is to grow but more than anything it’s less about being young or old … it’s always about the music and you have to try and make sure it finds an audience,” Taylor said.

Hanson kick off their Anthem tour in Brisbane before coming to The Enmore Theatre on August 8.

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