What the Ale: The Hop Jam Beer tasting Wrap Up

By | May 22, 2014

Tulsa World

What an event it was. The Hop Jam. The crowds did come and they did drink lots of beer.

I wasn’t able to attend most of the beer tasting due to my daughter’s baccalaureate. When I did arrive, the lines were long and the brewers were pouring as fast as they could. So this can be a lesson for some of the new craft beer drinkers going to a beer tasting event. Come to the festival when it starts because beer does run out. I have been to a few and have been disappointed because I wasn’t there early enough to try what I wanted. But that disappointment doesn’t last long.

There are always beer events around the corner and, with our growing craft beer industry, I don’t see the beer tastings going away.

For the first year you want people to show up and when you have a lot of people, well, you feel the word got out.

I can only imagine what the next Hop Jam is going to be like. With the creative Hanson brothers behind it, I am sure there will be more beer to sample and good things happening. I hope that all of the Hanson fans that traveled from all over the world had a good time in Tulsa and tried some of Oklahoma’s great craft beers.

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