Update to Songs Heard Live Database

By | May 13, 2014

As we teased a bit earlier today – we have added a way for you to save the shows that you have seen so that when you return on future visits or after future tours, you don’t need to select your shows all over again.  You will need to register for the site and create a username which the shows will then be saved to.

Try it out: http://hansonstage.com/stats/shows.php

Since this is the first release of the system there may be some bugs.  If you have any problems using the site or suggestions please send them to tickets@hansonstage.com.  If you are reporting a bug please let us know what browser you are using and what you were doing so we can try to replicate the error.

Yes, we will be adding non-official tour shows to this listing (ie everything listed in the tour are of the site) though we have no time table on when this will be done. If you know of anything missing  from the tour area of the site – please send as much information as you can to tickets@hansonstage.com so we can get it updated.


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