HANSON Is Back!!! “Anthem” The Album Is Here! Priestly Reviews!

By | June 19, 2013

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Hanson with Priestly (CBS Radio)Hanson with Priestly (CBS Radio)

So last Friday a box arrived at the station…a BIG BOX….like big enough to put a head into it!!!  I was relieved/excited to see it was from my boys, Hanson!!!   What was in it…check it out!


What a great way to start off my father’s Day weekend!  Some Mmmhops and the new CD before it even came out!!  The note alone was cool enough…but then I put the CD in my car stereo and woah…was treated to some awesome music!

By far, Anthem, is the most sophisticated project to date!  Totally appropriate as the band celebrates it’s 21st!!! Yes, Hanson have been at this for 21 years now as a group!  I was there back in the days of Mmm Bop and have been along for the ride ever since.  People will say what they want…but to know the guys, understand what they stand for and the roots in which ground as well as bind them together…how can you not LOVE Hanson!?  Considering the amount and level of success the guys have attained, I applaud there humility and true love and appreciation for the fans!

Now…onto ANTHEM!!!!

 HANSON Is Back!!! Anthem The Album Is Here! Priestly Reviews!

13 tracks of rock/soul that will make you and your speakers smile!!!  I  can hear arena’s singing every song, drowning out the boys on stage, underscoring the title of the album, Anthem!  ”Fired Up” the first track kicks it off with the energy and fun you come to expect from Hanson…but cranks it up to 11!  ”I’ve Got Soul” the second cut blares the horns and funk that the boys have come to embrace…and are completely unapologetic about it! I LOVE track 3!!!  ”You Can’t Stop Us”, feels like a Lenny Kravitz song that screams the anthem “You Can’t Stop Us”…and they are right, you can’t!  Hanson is back and better than ever…I almost wish this was the radio single!  Speaking of radio…track 4 is the current single, “Get The Girl Back”…Track 5, “Juliet” is a stand out track, in the way of the sound and feel.  ”Juliet” feels like an Elton John or Billy Joel esque’ song…I just love this song!

Other stand out tracks for me, “For Your Love” and amazing love song, simple in it’s delivery and reminiscent of a Jon Secada song.  ”Cut Right Through Me”, track 9, is INFECTIOUS!  You’ll be singing the hook ALL DAY, be warned!!!  Track 10, “Scream And Be Free”, you’ll find yourself singing the “oh Oh Ooooh’s”…this album is an ANTHEM!!!!

The final 3 tracks, “Tragic Symphony”, “Tonight” and the (not so hidden track 21) “Save Me From Myself” wrap this up perfectly!  Showcasing each of the guys vocal talents as well as there incredible abilities musically.

Hanson, the band is now 21.  The guys Zac, Taylor and Isaac have grown into incredible artists who know who they are and what Hanson the band is all about.  They remind me of musics “Superman”, they stand for what’s right and what they believe in.  Never out to cause harm…out to help whenever they can.  The love I’ve witnessed they have for the “Fanson’s” out there as well under scores the kind of men they are!  Speaking of being men…they now have a BEER!  Mmmhops!!!

 HANSON Is Back!!! Anthem The Album Is Here! Priestly Reviews!(CBS Radio)

Mmmhops…was the perfect companion to my Father’s Day Bbq!!!  Went down smooth and “did the trick”!!!  Not sure when or where you’ll be able to find these in your local liquor store’s…but get in there and tell them to order you some!!

Like they say in track 3…”You Can’t Stop Us”…they are right..and we would never want to see them stop!!!  Get out there and pick this one up…simply press play and let it roll!



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