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Photos of the Week

We still have a few more openings for photo of the week and are looking for your favorite photos! If you have any that you have taken or that Hanson has posted please send them to blog@hansonstage.com.  We will also accept photos from the MOE weekend that do not include any Hansons in them 🙂

Lyrics: Chasing Down My Dreams

Now that I’ve started ooh there’s nothing standing in my way Leaving Omaha with my grey guitar just to play After I have departed tell them I just want to sing like Elvis He changed the whole world before twenty-three And I hear it in the morning and I see it in my dreams I’m not waiting any… Read More »

Lyrics: Heartbreaker

I want to touch you, want to touch you right now I’m going to show you, going to show you somehow Don’t have no questions, don’t need no advice The way I look you’re going to look at me twice And when I call on the phone, you won’t be asking me why I’m calling But I know… Read More »

Lyrics: No Sleep For Banditos

Ooh, where do you hide when you feel young I need a place that I can go, when I put away the gun Ooh, never a stone I don’t throw The worse things you’ll ever do, you do it for the ones you love If you pray, pray we might come home safe If you dream, send your… Read More »

Lyrics: Be My Own

Do you want to be the one I know To be the place I go to be my own To be my own Yeah I’d do it all over again Yeah I’d chase you right down to the edge All the mistakes and the heartbreaks Every bad song and the done wrong If I could do it again… Read More »

Lyrics: Up All Night

 Chorus  Been Up all night Working on the master plan ‘Cause this condition nine to five is going nowhere fast In the morning I’ll escape to what is left of my bed And sleep all day ‘Cause I’ve been up all night I want to wake up when the sun goes down I’d like to be the only… Read More »

Hanson fans unite

Tulsa World  (Photos at the source) Fans from around the world gathered in Tulsa for Hanson Day, a members-only event Sunday for the die-hard lovers of the band of brothers. Hanson spokeswoman Rebecca Sarkar of 3CG Records said about 1,500 people attended the limited-entry Hanson Day events for members of Hanson.net. “The band have been doing events for… Read More »

Four minutes with… Hanson

Herald Sun  A FAR cry from their mid-nineties success, Hanson find themselves appealing to a new generation of fans. 1. LEGALLY BLIND At the height of the band’s MmmBop success youngest brother Zac was still nine years away from legal drinking age. “That’s true, but you’re not using your imagination if you think we couldn’t get access to… Read More »