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Submit your favorite Hanson photos! Win Prizes!

By | March 31, 2011

Since March is ending and Tay a Day will be no longer, we have decided to incorporate a “Hanson Photo of the Week”, but we need your help! Submit your favorite photos of Hanson that you have saved on your hard drive, or that you have taken of the guys to blog@hansonstage.com.  Send as many… Read More »

The 10 most teeth-gratingly annoying teen pop stars

By | March 31, 2011

STV.TV Think Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black are bad? Well, you’re probably right. But here’s our list of the most irritating little moppets to have caused our eardrums to spontaneously combust in protest. 3. Hanson – Let’s be quite honest here, MMMBop is one of the most brilliant songs ever to be gifted to mankind. Still… Read More »