Daily Archives: March 7, 2011

Song vs Song Round 1G Results

Round 1G has come to a close. Here are the results: Beautiful Eyes (5) vs Follow Your Lead (13) The Ugly Truth (6) vs On The Rocks (12) I Don’t Know (13) vs Next Train (5) Crazy Beautiful (10) vs Down (8) My Own Sweet Time (11) vs Soldier (7) Love Somebody To Know (16) vs Back In… Read More »

5 of 5 London Presale

5OF5 LONDON IS COMING – JUNE 5TH -10TH The first sold-out run of HANSON’s 5of5 concert series took place in the Spring of 2010 in New York to much critical acclaim, featuring songs rarely performed live, and leading up to the final night where the band premiered their yet to be release album Shout It Out. Limited pre-sale… Read More »