The 10 most teeth-gratingly annoying teen pop stars

By | March 31, 2011


Think Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black are bad? Well, you’re probably right. But here’s our list of the most irritating little moppets to have caused our eardrums to spontaneously combust in protest.

3. Hanson – Let’s be quite honest here, MMMBop is one of the most brilliant songs ever to be gifted to mankind. Still that doesn’t make up for Hanson’s drummer, a wee uncontrollable monstrosity, a ball of unstoppable whirling energy so horrendous that he probably put an entire generation off having children. And, and it doesn’t make up for the singer, who made an entire generation of young males fancy ‘her’ before we – er, I mean, they – realised that ‘her’ was actually a ‘him’, with them then questioning the entire genetic make-up of their souls. Mind you, nobody really had anything against the lanky bassist, who just seemed there to be along for the ride. (Ah, as bassists always do.)

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