Pam Springs Radio Details

By | March 26, 2011

Radio: KPSI Palm Spring…

7:30 PM

Date: March 31, 2011
Time: 7:30pm
Event: Performance for Radio/contest winners only
Location: Stir Nightclub (inside the Renaissance Esmeralda)
Details: Listen to KPSI Mix 100.5 for ways to win!

2 thoughts on “Pam Springs Radio Details

  1. Heidi Arriola

    I took my daughter to a Hanson Concerts many years ago. I felt then she was there number 1 fan, I could almost bet you she still is! She woke me at 8 a.m. to let me know SHE GOT TICKETS TO GO SEE HANSON AT THE ESMERALDA HOTEL! She is elated! Somehow I’m feeling a little sad I would love to go see Hanson ): After all for many years I could have sworn one of them was going to be my son-in-law! Anyhow I hope they have a great show and I’m so excited for all of there true fans to get to see them once more! Have a great time Dominique I wish I was going with you!

  2. Melissa


    Your post is adorable! My mom took me to my first Hanson show back in 98 and she swore she would never go again, and stuck to it! I as many of my friends were also convinced they would be attending my Hanson wedding which obviously never happened. Haha! We can all dream right? I am 25 and every time I see Hanson is brings be back to be 11 again.


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