Song vs Song Round 1E Results

By | February 21, 2011

Round 1E has just ended for Song vs Song and Round 1F is currently up on the forums to be voted on. The results are as follows:

We’re Gonna Find Out (1) vs Lost Without Each Other (23)
Strong Enough To Break (17) vs Running Man (8)
Sun & Sky (0) vs In The City (25)
Hand In Hand (4) vs I Will Come To you (20)
In A Way (23) vs Make It All Right (2)
Make Believe (3) vs Believe (22)
Weird (18) vs I’ve Been Down (7)
Call Me (6) vs Kiss Me When You Come Home (19)
Got What You Wanted (5) vs Get Up And Go (20)
I Almost Care (10) vs I Am (15)

Please tell your friends about the voting – it would be great to get 30 or more votes in the next few rounds of Round 1!

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