Song vs Song Round 1D Results

By | February 14, 2011

Round 1D of Song Vs Song has ended, officially putting us halfway through Round 1 of voting!

The results:

Love Song (6) vs Lucy (15)
Your Illusion (15) vs Take My Time (6)
Broken Angel (21) vs Song For Natalie Portman (0)
Dream Girl (7) vs With You In Your Dreams (14)
Yearbook (18) vs Where Did It Start (3)
Blue Sky (10) vs Dancing In The Wind (11)
Hope It Comes Soon (9) vs Never Love Again (10)
Make It Out Alive (13) vs Ordinary Words (7)
Look At You (11) vs One More (9)
Minute Without You (10) vs Man From Milwaukee (11)

Quite a few of the votes almost ended in a tie this week! Fortunately we got a few last minute voters in and everything ended up with a winner. We will see the winners again in Round 2B!

Round 1E is now up on the forums,

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