Song vs Song Round 1C results

By | February 8, 2011

Round 1C ended tonight – here are the results of who will be moving on to Round 2! We had quite a few very close races going on in this round!

Thinking Bout Something (27) vs She’s Got Time (3)
Even When You’re Gone (13) vs Wait Here For You (14)
Thinking of You (19) vs Hey (9)
You’re Enough (14) vs One More Time (12)
You Don’t Know Me (0) vs Penny and Me (29)
It’s Alright, It’s Ok (3) vs More Than Anything (25)
Two Tears (13) vs Being Me (16)
Too Young To Kill (5) vs Sure About It (24)
If Only (25) vs Live Forever (4)
So Lovely (20) vs Rosa (5)

The winners will be seen once again in Round 2B!

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