Hanson Say New Single 'Give A Little' Will Make Fans Dance

By | February 5, 2011


‘There’s this energy to it,’ Taylor Hanson says.

Last year, Hanson took the Internet by storm with their song “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’,” a funky, retro-sounding tune about moving on after getting your heart broken. The video, a tribute to the Blues Brothers, had Hanson-philes and music lovers checking it out thanks to its spot-on take on the classic 1980 comedy.

Now, months later, the guys are hoping that their follow-up single, “Give a Little,” from their album Shout It Out, will get the same shine.

” ‘Give a Little’ is the perfect connector to the first single,” Taylor Hanson told MTV News. “There’s this energy to it. Strangely, there’s this dance theme. We’re not known for our dancing, but dancing is this metaphor that’s in the record.”

So what makes “Give a Little” such a seamless next step for the group? “The song is really driven by a few key parts,” Taylor said. “There’s this key guitar part, and it’s really rhythmic, and when you watch the video, we hope it makes you feel good,” he said. “Specifically, with ‘Give a Little,’ rhythm is such a key part of the hook of the song.”

The track is a chugging, flirty, upbeat pop/rock number that in three minutes and 45 seconds will certainly get fans on the dance floor. “[The metaphor] is kind of ‘Get out there and let loose,’ ” Taylor said. “Spring will be here before we know it, and the song is upbeat and hopefully engaging.”

The guys hope that, like so many of their uptempo tracks before it, “Give a Little” will become one of those songs fans can’t get out of their heads. “Our thought process is more serving ourselves — that sounds kind of weird,” Zac Hanson laughed of writing catchy tunes. “When we write songs, when you feel like you’ve got it stuck in your own head, you think, ‘Maybe I’ve got something here.’ Just going, ‘What gets stuck in my head?’ and then writing for yourself and then hoping that same feeling is an example of how people will respond.”

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