Hanson's "Shout It Out" Tour Diary: Part V

By | October 5, 2010

Paper Mag

Dusty mountains, palm trees and rock ‘n’ roll: that’s what our last month has consisted of. The second leg of the “Shout It Out” tour brought us west, with shows all over California, the Northwest, and the upper Midwest. This run is the shortest of the three this year, so we’re already about to a close. This week’s photo selection actually takes us coast-to-coast starting with a few pics from before this leg of the tour, back in NY for our good times at the “Sounds Like Paper” event, and then moving to LA and beyond. There’s a fair share of scenic shots, with a string of L.A. trademarks — palm trees and highway retention walls. There’s also a few shots from our other tour shuttergeeks who caught some high flying moments on stage and some backstage pics. From highways to high jumps, I hope you enjoy this week’s selection. –Taylor

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