A Rocket To The Moon Tour Diary: On The Road With Hanson

By | October 5, 2010

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We’re thrilled to be sharing A Rocket To The Moon’s exclusive look at life on the road with Hanson, via this awesome tour diary. Check out A Rocket To The Moon’s tour diary, plus photos and a brand-new video.

Greetings from the Shout It Out Tour! We’ve been out with Hanson for a little over a week now, and it has been a memorable experience to say the least. We have all been longtime Hanson fans and all owned “Middle of Nowhere” growing up, so touring with these guys is something we have been excited about since we first found out that it was going to happen.

The tour has been nothing but great so far. Hanson and their crew have been very welcoming and great to all of us, making the tour even that much better. We all wish this tour was going on longer because we are all having so much fun. Hanson fans are some of the most dedicated we have ever seen and have been very welcoming to us, which has only added to the experience. There are only a handful of dates left on this tour, so we are trying to make the most of it and enjoy every second we can.

Soundcheck at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. It’s one of our favorite venues and cities to play in, and playing there two nights in a row was great. This place has been a favorite venue for a few of us our whole lives, and it was amazing playing there back-to-back nights.

Sun set in front of the venue in San Francisco. The venue isn’t in the greatest part of town, and we saw some very interesting things happen the few days we were there. But it’s a one-of-a-kind venue in a great city.

Side stage at the first night in San Francisco. It was a “home” show for me (Justin) because I live in Chico, a few hours away. It was a lot of fun. My family and friends came out for the day and night. It’s always nice to see family and friends on tour after going so long without seeing them sometimes.

The old architecture and feel of The Great American Music Hall makes it an amazing place to play. There have been so many amazing memorable performances in this venue from some of the best musicians in the history of music, so we were all excited to play back-to-back nights there.

It’s really nice for everyone in the band this tour as far as setup and stage space go. With us, Hanson and a local opener every night, everyone gets to “stretch out” onstage.

Nick, after a show playing guitar. Hanson was doing a live stream online in the next room, so the playing didn’t last long due to the lack of full walls in the greenrooms that night.

Interview and online contest with Strawburry 17, check out her YouTube channel for details. This interview was one of the more fun ones we have done as a band. We all laughed at Halvo the whole time because he couldn’t say his lines right and eventually switched with Nick.

Trying to remember what to say. When Justin walked into the room, everyone asked if he had read his part earlier in the day? His response was a perfect “what lines?”

Andrew and myself took a walk to get lunch and happened to stumble on the “Painted Ladies” as they are called; we just called it the Full House house. We felt like tourists all day long. We also ate at one of the best vegetarian/vegan sandwich places we have ever eaten at “Love and Haight” in the lower Haight district in the city.

Strong winds on top of Alamo Square Park in the city. I felt like I could lean over and the wind would hold me up. I tried it, and it didn’t quite work like I had hoped.

The view that I get to see every night as a drummer.

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