Request Hanson Day

By | August 31, 2010


Date: Labor Day – Monday September 6th, 2010 Assignment: Do One or all of the Following:
1) Request Hanson on Your Local Stations
2) Tweet about Hanson ( Include only one hashtag :Including two hashtags cancel each other out so it won’t start a trend it deletes the count) Use: #ShoutItOut
– About The Tour
– About The Album
– Voting TBS on Vh1top20 Countdown Include the Link to video to vote in the tweet
– Requesting them on Your Local Radio Station 
3) Vote on Vh1 Top 20 Countdown
4) American Top 5 

Watch the video at any of these places.
1) VH1
2) MTV
3) Myspace
4) Youtube
5) Yahoo

Other MessageBoards
1) Post on other Artists / Band Message boards about Hanson ( In the correct section in the messageboard)

2) TV Networks.
– see what shows they are doing if Hanson has guest please leave a comment in the correct section.
– music section please leave something about the Tour

3) Leave Comment on VH1, MTV, Myspace, and Yahoo if you have an account to able to leave a message under the video. Or if they have message boards leave comment there as well.

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