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Flash Mobbing and Mmmbopping for Michael Jackson

By | August 5, 2010

Broward Palm Beach Blog What’s the best way to honor Michael Jackson’s birthday? With a flash mob, of course! Here at County Grind, we’d bet the King of Pop would roll over in his grave if he knew that the dancers won’t be grabbing their crotches in a “come hither” style. There will be no… Read More »

Setlist: Memphis, TN 8/4/2010

By | August 5, 2010

1. Waiting for This/Watch Over Me/Rock N Roll Razorblade/In The City medley 2. Make It Out Alive 3. If Only 4. You Never Know 5. And I Waited 6. Minute Without You 7. Georgia 8. Hey 9. Carry You There 10. Madeline 11. Me, Myself & I 12. Lulla Belle 13. This Time Around 14.… Read More »