Lea Michele has Justin Timberlake on her mind

By | August 12, 2010

Hollywood Reporter

THR: What song do you hope “Glee” never attempts to re-create?

Michele: If I say what I don’t want to do, Ryan will make sure I do it! My problem is that songs get stuck in my head. By the time we finish, it could take us 50 takes to get one song on film. I recently did another Gaga song — I can’t say which one — and it’s a hard song to sing because it’s really fast. It was literally stuck in my head for days! I probably wouldn’t want to sing anything I liked when I was 12 years old — like the Spice Girls or Hanson. Although, “MMMBop” will probably pop up at some point in a bad ’90s episode.

2 thoughts on “Lea Michele has Justin Timberlake on her mind

  1. V

    I’m actually offended by what Lea Michele said, because normally I like her a lot. What exactly would be a “bad 90s episode?” The 90s were an awesome decade. She obviously has no idea about Hanson at all, otherwise she would not say she doesn’t want to sing their songs. MMMBop is a classic song, and I think she should reevaluate what exactly she finds to be bad music before she talks anymore. I’ve definitely lost some respect for her.

    1. hansontickets

      I wasn’t too into what she said either – seemed like she was talking down on MMMBop – but a mention is a mention and I try to get everything posted here.


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