Joe Brooks Debuts 'Superman' in New York

By | June 7, 2010


When Joe Brooks headed to New York last month to promote his latest single, ‘Superman,’ he got to hang out with the PopEater crew and play a handful of his pop-rock tunes. But Brooks also got a couple of surprises along the way. The English singer-songwriter met two musicians who he looks up to when he appeared at Bamboozle festival: Hayley Williams and Zac Hanson.

“She was gorgeous and we just mobbed her,” Brooks gushed to PopEater, re-telling the story of his run-in with the Paramore frontwoman. To his delight, Williams seemed to be familiar with who he was and agreed to take a photo. Brooks also grabbed a snapshot with Hanson’s drummer at the festival. “Their harmonies are money,” he said of the trio.

While he was in the area, Brooks had the opportunity to play his own show at New York’s Studio at Webster Hall. Before his concert, PopEater’s staff was treated to their own private performance of the songs ‘Kaleidoscope,’ ‘World at Our Feet’ and, of course, ‘Superman.’

“It’s been a long time since I first wrote that song,” Brooks said of ‘Superman.’ “I was 16, and it’d just been one of those ones that stuck with me, you know? Now, we’ve been able to create what I’ve always envisioned for the track.”

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