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By | June 4, 2010

Experience the the first thirteen years of HANSONs music performed live in one package. This set includes 5 DVD’s recorded during HANSON’s legendary 5 of 5 performance in April 2010, the best of 5 live CD as well as over 1.5 hours of behind the scenes interviews.

DeTour West and 5 of 5 restreams only on alive@hnet!

Join Hanson as the incredible awesome of the DeTour West collides with Day 2 of the 5 of 5 restream! Also, check for special sales on the 5 of 5 DVD, fanclub memberships, and Shout It Out Deluxe only during the streams!
June 4th @ 7:00 CST – The DeTour arrives in LA! Live pre-show with Hanson, followed by the re-broadcast of the 5 of 5 – This Time Around!
June 4th @ 8:30 CST – Backstage Pass Members Only Post Show!
June 4th @ 11:00 CST – DeTour West Final Broadcast!
June 5th @ 7:00 CST – Re-broadcast of 5 of 5 Show – Underneath!
June 6th @ 7:00 CST – Re-broadcast of 5 of 5 Show – The Walk!
June 7th @ 7:00 CST – Re-broadcast of 5 of 5 Show – Shout It Out!
June 8th @ 11:00 CST – High Desert Jam Broadcast!
Only on aLive@hnet!

Upcoming Hanson Events!

Check out the site for upcoming events!

June 7th – Clear Channel I Heart Radio!
June 8th – Shout It Out Album Release!
June 8th – Lopez Tonight Appearance!
June 9th – Play XBOX with Zac!
June 13th – Hanson Featured on Weekend Today Show!
June 14th – Today Show Performance!

Listen to Shout It Out Early!

Check out the new record, interviews, and special performances on AOL Sessions and!

Member of the Month!

Our member of the month is guitar87. Pat describes himself as “simply an old soul.” Pat plays guitar and bass and is a HUGE Gibson fan and player. He now calls Indianapolis home after growing up in a small town. Pat’s interests include music, comics (Batman and other DC characters) and guitars. Congratulations Pat!

STer of the Month!

Our street teamer of the month is Elysse523 (Elysse Parente). Elysse is 23 years old and lives in Burlington, Vermont. She attended Roger Williams University and graduated in 2008 with a degree in Marketing and Psychology. She is now working at Champlain College as a graduate admissions counselor. Her interests include traveling, dancing, playing with her dog Faith and hanging out with friends and family. According to her team leader, “Elysse is always optimistic and is a great team member!” Congratulations Elysse!

More Early Music!

If you have Pre-ordered Shout it Out don’t forget to head over to and download your early music. Every Wednesday for the past 7 weeks we have been making a new song available for download as a gift to everyone who has pre-orded Shout it Out.

Shout It Out Tour!

Visit the Tour and Events Section of to find all the details about HANSON’s Summer Shout it Out Tour!
Open For Hanson On The Shout it Out Tour

The Opening Band Contest for our tour is open now. Go to to vote on which bands you’d like to see open for us this summer.

Gold and Platinum Package Delay

Because of volcanic ash some of the elements for the Gold and Platinum packages of Shout it Out have been delayed a few days in transit. Because of this delay we will be sending the Gold and Platinum packages in two shipments. We will be shipping a copy of the Shout it Out CD, to arrive as planned on June 8th to all U.S. customers (or as close to there as possible depending on shipping constraints) a download will be available of the entire album starting June 8th for all international and U.S. customers. We will be attempting to ship the remainder of the packages as soon as the delayed items arrive (we currently expect to be able to begin shipments on June 14th).

Get HANSON Ringtones!

Shout it Out Ringtones are now available! Just text the code for the song you want to 26000, and the ringtone will be delivered straight to your phone. Each ringtone costs $2.49 and will be charged to your cellphone bill. They are just available in the US right now, but we hope to add more countries soon.
Text Hanson1 to 26000 for the And I Waited Ringtone.
Text Hanson2 to 26000 for the Give A Little Ringtone.
Text Hanson3 to 26000 for the Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ Ringtone.
Text Hanson4 to 26000 for the Waiting For This Ringtone.

Play XBOX LIVE with Zac!

On June 9th @ 8pm ET Zac will be playing Xbox Live with our friends at and they want you to play too! Click here for more info.

From The Band!

Out on the open road and loving it. We have made our way through Texas, and New Mexico, and still we continue West. So far we have stopped in Austin and El Paso connecting with some old friends and even some new friends the band Trail Of Dead who were working at the El Paso studio. We crashed their recording session and started a jam on the song Feeling Alright… Awesome! There is only one way to find-out where we are going next, tune in to find out!
-Isaac Taylor and Zac

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