Article: Fans Line Up For Hanson Tickets At The Rave

By | October 5, 2009


MILWAUKEE — Hanson was a popular band in the 1990s, and it still have a very dedicated following.

“The fans are hardcore for 12 years, and I’ve liked them since I was 7,” said Sara Bill of Greendale.

“I actually have a meet and greet tonight (Monday night) before the show, so I get to go meet Hanson, hang out with Hanson a little bit. So I’m kinda waiting in line for another girl who owes me big time,” said Shannon Griadek of Hobart, Ind.

Hanson fans lined up Sunday night outside the Rave on 24th Street and Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee.

Monday night’s show was general admission so the best seats go to whoever gets in inside first.

The group is best known for their song “Mmm-Bop.”

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