Article: Hanson Walks For Poverty Awareness In Minneapolis

By | October 5, 2009

Northlands New Center

It’s been 12 years since the pop–rock band Hanson blew–up the charts with their hit single “MMMBop.”

Since then, the brothers have all gotten married, started their own record label, and are now touring the globe for a good cause.

LeAnn Wallace hit the streets of Minneapolis with the band, who are raising poverty awareness – one shoeless mile at a time.

Hundreds of barefoot walkers braved the streets of Minneapolis to raise awareness for third world poverty.

“This is what kids have to do every day of their lives walking on dirt roads, shows just how dirty it is, and it’s really eye opening,” says Jessi Haider.

Last year we brought you the story of Hanson’s “Walk Around The World” tour.

“The goal was 24,902 people, walking a mile, is a lap around the world, so that was our goal,” says Isaac Hanson.

The band reached that goal…and then some.

“We actually had to reprogram some stuff on the website to keep up and we’re actually in the process of re–launching some stuff because our counters were programmed in such a way that it stopped at a certain point,” says Issac.

With one lap behind them, the band is aiming to complete another lap, during their current “Use Your Sole” tour.

For every person who walks, Hanson donates a dollar to the cause, and for every pair of TOMS shoes sold, a pair is sent to Africa.

Hanson says despite the economic climate, they’re overwhelmed with people who want to help out where they can.

“It’s like the joke now, “Sorry I didn’t show up for work on time, it’s the recession.” Or…”I forgot our anniversary, it’s the recession,” says Taylor Hanson.

The band says the walks show the positive impact people can have even during these rough times.

“It’s actually an opportunity when things are a little bit harder, when people are reaching out and you’re still giving a little of yourself. Man, that’s when you’re truly tested. When people are talking about that there’s issues in our country, that we’re still inviting people to come together and say “even when we’re down, we still have more to give than many people do,” says Taylor.

Hanson is 6,000 miles into the walk and the momentum isn’t stopping as TOMS shoes and their opening acts are bringing new faces – and new feet – to get involved.

“Yeah it’s only one mile, but it puts it into perspective what their everyday lives are,” says Emma Petermier.

“I took the walk!”

In Minneapolis, LeAnn Wallace, the Northland’s News Center.

Hanson hopes to go back to Africa in May to participate in some of the ground work the money they’re raising is going towards.

They’re also working on a new CD that’s expected out next spring.

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